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Fail! It’s Good For You

Failure shouldn't be such a scary word; from failure we grow and learn. Yet most of us will go to great lengths to avoid it. Why? Through interviews with people of different talents and disciplines, we learn about times when things weren't going

NAA Audiobook Series

According to a study at Washington University in St. Louis, listening to speech that is accented is more difficult for the brain to process than listening to your native speech. For people with hearing loss, it can be even harder, researchers


Our new show, Pied is in production now. Episode 1 is now available. Stay tuned for updates on Episode 2. Pied's

News articles on the go

If you like to keep up to date, but don't have time to sit and read the news, try Spoken Editions on iTunes. Our Barbara Best is one of the voices responsible for bringing you these news podcasts. TechCrunch